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Jan 27 '12

Create your own Facebook Cover with CoverJunction!

If you’ve been over at CoverJunction and looked through our thousands of covers and wondered how to make your own – here is the blog post for you!

Step One -  Find your image

  • Go to Google and click on Images at the top of the page (if you already have an image on your computer that’s 850 x 315 px, you can go straight to Step Two).

  • Then click on the small cog at the top right of the page and choose Advanced Search 

  • On the advanced search page put in your search term, set the size of the picture to be larger than 1024 x 768 and the aspect ratio to by either Panoramic or Wide (with Wide as your parameter you will get more images but with Panoramic they are more likely to fit the Cover size which needs to be 850 x 315 px).

  • Once you have found the image you want then save it to your computer. Make sure you save the actual picture and not the Google thumbnail of it.

Step Two – Upload to CoverJunction

  • Click Choose File, select your picture from your computer, then click Upload.

  • Use the slider tool to resize your picture ifor the best fit, and use your mouse to position. You can also change your background colour.

  • Then choose a name for your Cover, pick a category for it to go into and then click Save Cover.

Step Three - Upload to Facebook!

Congratulations, you’ve created your very own Facebook Cover! You are now ready to add to your Facebook Profile Page!

It’s that easy! And because CoverJunction is community powered, your Facebook Cover will be added to our gallery for users to add, like and share!

So what are you waiting for? Create your own Facebook Cover on CoverJunction now!

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Dec 21 '11

Get the new Facebook Timeline with just one click!

The new Facebook Timeline has now arrived for all to enjoy! You can now enjoy the new profile page and add awesome covers to it by following the simple instructions below:

Step 1: Click ‘Get Timeline’ at the bottom of the Facebook Timeline page.

Step 2: Visit CoverJunction to add awesome Facebook Covers to your new Timeline!

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Dec 9 '11

Facebook Timeline… has Arrived!!!

It’s finally here! The new Facebook Timeline – which has just been rolled out in New Zealand – is on its way to you! Starting off available only to developers it is now officially switching to full feature.

Once Facebook turns on the Timeline feature in your area, you will see an invite when you sign into Facebook saying “Introducing Timeline – a New Kind of Profile”.

Simply click on Get Timeline and jump into a world of fun.

Check out the video below for a visual demonstration of the new timeline:

Here at CoverJunction, we are more than a little excited for you to get involved with one of the main changes that the Timeline brings – the Facebook Cover.

Facebook Covers are like a wallpaper for your Facebook profile; they represent your feelings, likes, thoughts and personality, all through a single image at the top of your profile page. And as suppliers of the highest quality range of Facebook Covers on the web, CoverJunction is the only place to find covers that truly represent you.

Check out the awesome Facebook Covers that you could be adding right now over at CoverJunction!

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Oct 7 '11

Personalise your Facebook Covers with CoverJunction

CoverJunction’s Personalised Facebook Covers allows you to have a Facebook Cover that’s complete unique to you!

You can get the following personalised Facebook Covers in seconds over at CoverJunction:

Most Liked Photo Facebook Cover - CoverJunction

Most Liked Photo Frame

Most Liked Photo TV Facebook Cover - CoverJunction

Most Liked Photo TV

Most Liked 2 Photos Facebook Cover - CoverJunction

Most Liked 2 Photos

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Oct 7 '11

How to Create a Facebook Cover

With CoverJunction’s Cover Creator, making your own Facebook Covers has never been simpler!

  1. Upload an image from your computer
  2. Edit the size, location, name and category of your Facebook Cover, and click Save.
  3. Add the cover to your Facebook profile

It’s that easy! And because CoverJunction is community powered, your Facebook Cover will be added to our gallery for users to add, like and share!

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Oct 7 '11

How to get the new Timeline

Don’t have the new Timeline? Want to be able to add Covers to your Facebook profile? Do not despair! Top Tech Blog TechCrunch have posted a simple guide to getting the new Facebook Timeline Profile right now.

Once you’re done, head over to CoverJunction to discover, add and create the very best Facebook Covers on the web.

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Oct 7 '11

Why use CoverJunction?

CoverJunction is the only place to come for Facebook Covers for 3 reasons:

  1. It has the highest quality Facebook Covers on the web – From beautiful scenery and gorgeous abstracts to high-res sports crests and the hottest celebrities, CoverJunction has the widest range of high quality Facebook Profile Covers online.
  2. The special, custom-generated Facebook Covers – CoverJunction creates Facebook Covers that are unique to the user. From mosaics of your most liked photos to personalised Facebook friendship maps, it is the only place for a Facebook Cover that truly represents you.
  3. No adverts – CoverJunction is focused on a clear and simple user experience, rather than clouding the process with misleading, malicious, irrelevant or unsightly adverts.

If you have the new Facebook Profile, visit CoverJunction now to find, add and share the best Covers for Facebook on the web.

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Oct 7 '11

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Oct 7 '11

Facebook Cover of the Week - Oct 7th 2011

Colorful Connection Facebook Cover - CoverJunction

Colorful Connection Facebook Cover

Oct 7 '11

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